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My Natural Birth Plan Did Not Go As Planned

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

When you become pregnant you start to think about how your want the birth of your baby to go. It can be overwhelming and scary, especially if it's your first pregnancy. Well this was my 2nd time around the block. I felt confident that I can do this again, and I knew exactly how I wanted it to go.

The birth of my first started at 38 weeks when my water broke in the middle of the night. After 24 hrs of labor things were not progressing and I was induced with pitocin (a synthetic form of the oxytocin hormone that induces contractions). About 10 hours, and lot's of tear later, I got an epidural. Than after 2 hrs of pushing baby girl was here! It was emotional and beautiful at the same time.

Well with my 2nd, I thought I knew exactly what to expect and I wanted it to go a certain way. Like my other birth I had a midwife and she was so wonderful! I decided to get a midwife again.

I imaged myself in this beautiful room, full of amenities such as a bath tub. Almost a spa like feeling! A place where I can labor with dim lighting, listen to soft relaxing music and recover in a home like setting. Doesn't that sound just so magical?

The Karmanos Center for Natural Birth in Royal Oak Michigan was just the place.

Source: https://www.beaumont.org/lp-birth-center-karmanos?subtypelist=WomenXBirthXBrandXPPC&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxML_uLPW3AIVDzFpCh1bvAI5EAAYASAAEgK8CfD_BwE

Source: https://www.beaumont.org/lp-birth-center-karmanos?subtypelist=WomenXBirthXBrandXPPC&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxML_uLPW3AIVDzFpCh1bvAI5EAAYASAAEgK8CfD_BwE

I was preparing myself for the natural birth experience. I had my midwives, I was low risk so I qualified, and got registered to the Karmanos Natural Birth Center. I downloaded hypnobirthing meditation podcasts to help me labor without medication. I incorporated prenatal yoga techniques I learned from my first pregnancy. It seemed everything was going as planned. I was even told that I may labor early, and that my body has done this before so it should go smoothly.

As the weeks were winding down I was becoming more and more anxious. Although I was pretending I was fine. I passed 38 weeks and I was sure I would go into labor any day! Well.....my baby had other plans. He was no where near ready to be born. I made it to 40 weeks! I was for sure he would be here by now. How could he not?

I was starting to lose hope and I could start seeing my magical dream of birthing naturally at the birth center was slipping away. My midwife said it's common to wait up to 41 weeks and 6 days!! Whaaaat? But I was willing to give him some more time to cook, they say it's good for baby, and he will come when he's ready.

Well....here we are at 41 weeks and 3 days, and I am going into the hospital to be induced. I was stressed out, I was swollen, I was feeling disappointed. My plans where falling apart. I was trying to be positive, but I couldn't help but feel down that things were not going like I wanted.

The induction began 10 days past my due date. It consisted of a cook catheter, misoprosol tabs (a synthetic prostaglandin), and than pitocin to top it off. Things progressed pretty quickly. After about 10 hours my water broke and 2 hours later I was pushing. I ended up getting an epidural because I was so emotional and I was exhausted mentally and physically.

Well.....this is when things went even more off plan....

Baby boy was not in the best position, with every push his heart rate and oxygen level kept going down. He head was down but not in the ideal position. After trying different positions, along with the midwife and OB trying to move his position nothing was working. The OB called for a stat C-Section!

I was crying and kept saying "No, no I don't want that". But I knew that was the only way to keep my baby healthy. I was taken into surgery. Everything went so fast, it felt like less than 5 minutes baby boy was out. It was such an emotional experience. I was grateful to have my husband at my side, and a great nursing and doctor staff.

Baby Boy was finally born 11 days past his due date and is healthy!

Sometimes I wonder how things could have been different, and if I could have done anything different. But in the end I am happy that we both are healthy and that's what matters most. I realized no matter how birth goes - whether it's natural, medicated, unmedicated, or a c-section the end result is a healthy baby. Sometimes we get caught

up in these fantasies. In a way I wish I just let go of how I wanted things to go and been more confident in the process no matter how it turned out.

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