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 Ditch the dieting mentality and start replenishing your  body and mind from the inside out!


Have you been struggling to get fit and healthy?

Have you tried every fad diet only to feel deprived and gain all that weight back? 

Does this leave you feeling disappointed and unmotivated?

Are you ready to break free from all the rules + find your healthy balance??!!

Stay #fit today - Explore the world outside of you - she has soo much to offer #gratitude

NitaNutrition LLC is here to help guide you to your healthiest self. Whether that is losing a certain amount of weight, feeling confident in you own body, getting a better understanding of what foods are best for your health, to finding a balance between eating healthy and enjoying life.

Balanced + Mindful Eating has been shown to be the most effective approach for sustainable weight loss and overall health benefits. Being mindful of foods eaten at that moment, taking the time to listen to internal hunger cues, and feelings of satiety (being full). Building awareness of foods, ingredients to understand which foods support your bodies natural processes for strength, healing, and overall well-being. Find balance to be healthy + enjoy life to it's fullest.

Become empowered in the way you eat, and gain confidence in your body and mind. 

Customized Nutrition Guides will help you get back on track with you health and nutrition. Accomplished through counseling sessions with a dietitian to develop nutrition goals that are right for you. These guides may include recipe ideas, food lists, mindful eating approaches, and ways to incorporate healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle.

Knowledge is Power. NitaNutrition LLC wants to give YOU the Power to put nutrition back into your hands by continuously guiding, educating, and motivating. What may work for me won't necessarily work for you. I will help find the right nutrition path that fits just for you! 

*The content shared on this website is meant to provide education and information.  It does not replace any kind medical advice. I will always recommend that you speak with your primary healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

1:1 Virtual Nutrition counseling

Meet with a Registered Dietitian at the comfort of your own home virtually.

During the consultation we will discuss:

  • Your current health, and nutritional status to better understand your challenges and potential nutrition goals.

  • Together we will establish nutritional goals that fit into your lifestyle.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

With the collaboration of your primary care provider nutrition education can be offered on how to manage symptoms of chronic disease through diet:

 Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, IBS/IBD, Heart Disease.


The Ultimate program is designed to offer you the highest chance of success through community group coaching.


Integrative modules build the ultimate foundation on nutrition + body confidence + sustainable weight loss + wellness!

Mindset shifts + How to build balanced plate + grocery shopping lists, recipes, exercise + exclusive handouts + community support

Speaking Sessions


Cooking Demos

Leonita will present a nutrition topic in an interactive, educational, and 

easily digestible format 

tailored to specific age groups and interests


School Events, Wellness Workshops, and Seminars


Mommy Monday

Wellness Wednesday

Food & Fitness Fridays

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